The hand manufacturing of Sisswy bamboo straws

Regarding our products, we rely heavily on the hand-made because we strongly believe in this method of manufacturing that allows the creation of « unique » objects.

Quick presentation

The manufacturing of our bamboo straws is made by hand by a village’s association eager to reduce the proliferation of plastic wastes that gangrene their country. Every step is important and everyone has its role in order to obtain perfect results.

The steps

  1. Selection and harvest of bamboo stems according to their diameters

  2. Routing to the village
  3. Cutting with a sickle using a mold to keep the same lengths of straws

  4. Hand sanding of each straw
  5. Sanding both tops
  6. Cutting to make a perfect hole at both tops
  7. Manual cleaning inside and outside of each straw
  8. Drying at the sun
  9. Sorting straws according to their diameters
  10. Hand engraving for straws that need it

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