Sisswy is active in the sale of fashion accessories from other horizons and, mostly, handmade.

Above all, a project from the heart

This project was born at the end of 2015 following a trip to Asia. While discovering Indonesia for weeks, Marc was touched by the environment and by people living around. Indeed, poverty is omnipresent, but despite this difficult life, they keep smiling, helping and welcoming.

On the other hand, he was impressed by the high quality of handwork done on site. With unparalleled skills, the Orientals people make beautiful objects in various materials ; different textiles, wood, metal, aluminum or even paint.

Affected by these observations and eager to help these people, in summer 2016, he decided to embark on a creation and importation project of handmade products. Indeed, after a second extended stay in Southeast Asia, he met local artisans who guided him in his quest for the perfect products. After many discoveries, he was informed of various Asian manufacturers offering original and unique items. Moreover, in this way, it is possible for him to improve the quality of life of the craftsmen with whom he collaborates.

Furthermore, in the future, part of the sales profits will be used to supply them the fruit of garments collections in order to bring them useful life things.

With time, Sisswy will broaden its horizons, both geographically and in terms of product ranges, to provide you new interesting products, but always keeping a good quality.


Marc Deville

Through the « us » generally used on the site, you will find only one person that I will present you here.

Sociable, open-minded and dynamic, Marc has sublimated the overflow of energy he had during childhood that exhausted his parents by embarking, at age of 28, in a new entrepreneurial project. For this freedom avid, the ability of managing his projects and his time as he wants, having responsibilities, creating contacts and picking suppliers was obvious for him. An adventurer, with an insatiable taste for both geographical and human discoveries, he embarks on the discovery of Asia in 2016. Since his marketing studies, he dreams to discover this continent, for the scenery, but also in order to import and export local products. Learning Chinese was part of his « action plan ». However, he decides to leave the usual ways to travel and it is far from the luxury of hotels and places, generally explored by tourists, that he discovered deep South Asia. To satisfy his need for contact and to soak up the local culture, he stays by local people, in small remote villages. Touched by the generosity of the inhabitants, despite their difficult living conditions, he chose to give his professional desires a humanist accent, by collaborating with various craftsmen.

Our values