Why handmade?

Today, handmade is a trend that clearly expresses the desire of people to consume differently. From cooking to fashion, cosmetics and decoration, it affects many sectors and many consumers.

Many handicraft products are now available throughout the world, and, these ones combine quality and esthetic. Without the help from factories machines, some require, therefore, hard work to achieve the quality they benefit from.

A big difference between manufactured and machined objects is also located in the environmental respect and, often, in their biodegradable composition. Apart from this main distinction, artisanal products are, moreover, free from dangerous materials.

Many countries have lots of artisans living due to the manufacturing of these « unique » objects. Ordinary and natural materials are become elegant products thanks to the creativity and wisdom of these creators. Those also combine the ancestral traditions needed to quality production.

The work and the transmission of know-how add special charm to these products. These are liked for their unique side as well as for the soul they emit.

Wear Sisswy is an ecological way, philanthropic and, to spoil nothing, esthetic.